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H2 2022 Non-ferrous Metals Report Overview

H2 2022 Non-ferrous Metals Report Overview

The Applied Value Non-Ferrous Metal Report covers 5 major non-ferrous metals on the global level: Aluminum, Copper, Lithium, Cobalt, and Nickel. 

Non-ferrous metal prices have seen 1.5-2.7x growth, as global economy recovers from COVID crisis, except Lithium which continuous to be an outlier with over 6x increase. This data driven analysis covers three aspects of each of the non-ferrous materials:

Value Chain & Lifecyle

  • Market intelligence on commodity value chain, including mining, refining, end uses, and recycling
  • Latest data on trade dynamic (e.g., import / export volume) and potential risks under geopolitical conflicts 
  • Overview of downstream application share and demand drivers 

Supply and Demand Dynamics

  • Historical supply and demand statistics and key events
  • Three-year supply and demand outlook and analysis on key drivers
  • Key market players mapping, including market share, financial performance, utilization rates, etc.

Price Development

  • Historical price trends 
  • Deep dive on the key events that influenced the markets
  • Six-months price outlook based on demand / supply fundamentals, input costs and macro environment

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