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Sourcing Value helps enterprises to realize the full savings potential in their raw material sourcing processes with its unique approach and platform.

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15+ years of Expertise

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Proved Results in Savings (Typical 6% or $50 / MT)

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Resource Productivity

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Speed in Procurement

Proven Realized Savings

100 million MT

Total Volume Negotiated


Total Savings Achieved


Average Savings per MT


Average Total Savings

What is Sourcing Value

The ultimate raw material sourcing tool, designed by experts in the complexity of raw material parts and related components with relevant experience across multiple industries and organizations of all maturity levels.

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RFQ & Negotiations

RFQ portal, including standardized matrix pricing by specification enables buyers to incorporate new and more suppliers than ever before. Execute more detailed, effective, and immediate analytics, breakdowns, and comparisons to provide data-driven feedback to suppliers.

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Advanced Analytics & Benchmarking

Comprehensive and structured approach to data allows you to see the big picture in high definition, while also allowing you to deep dive into the most granular material specification benchmarks. Intuitive charts contain pre-prepared best practice analyses to help efficiently guide your decision-making process.

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Value Chain Optimization

Leverage linear programming to optimize every step of your value chain, understand your full demand across tiers, and seamlessly launch and manage Directed Buy and Resale programs. Implement cost savings without squeezing your suppliers by creating unique scenarios with customized strategic and technical constraints to compare, evaluate and make informed decisions.

Market Intelligence

Seamlessly track and manage your pricing compared to market indices while receiving up to date, detailed analysis on market drivers and forecast. Maintain budgets and productivity savings with a clear line of sight to your price level versus market volatility.

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